Hustler Magazine Rumored to be Savior in City College of San Francisco Bailout

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In a creative effort to thwart the negative impact of budget cuts, City College of San Francisco, announced that a number of courses would be cancelled unless donors paid a $6,000 sponsorship fee. Donors would, in turn, have the saved courses named after them. At that price, corporations see the deal as an unprecedented bargain in marketing to the demographic they so hungrily seek.

If rumors turn out to be true, fall 2009 courses could include:

  • Hooters Sociology of Feminism
  • Schlitz Malt Liquor Cultural Anthropology Seminar
  • Trojan Religious Studies 260: Catholic Literature and Philosophy

A source close to Hustler founder Larry Flynt says the magazine is pitching an offer for Wellness 201: Advanced Pilates, in which the final project will include an audition portfolio for the “Girls of the Big 10” promotional calendar. \”It\’s win/win,\” bragged the source.

“I never thought of taking a women’s studies class before,” said CCSF sophomore Christopher Pfiessler. “Now, I can’t wait. I must be maturing.”