Director of Admissions (Dangerously Close to Anticipated), University of Cambridge

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At the lovely, highly competitive University of Cambridge, we set the bar for academics and reading admissions essays. Every single one of those darn essays.

The Director of Admissions serves as chief public relations office regarding the topic of reading admissions essays. Relationships with students and the parents who spent thousands of dollars on admissions essay consultants must be a priority.


  • Tact. By tact, we mean self-imposed censorship even when your first instinct is to tell the truth.
  • Pragmatism. Do not assume people can handle a reasonable amount of the truth.
  • Excellent communication skills when talking to reporters off-the-record.
  • Ability to backpedal like a mofo if you accidentally say something you know you shouldn’t have – which is anything.

To Apply

Don’t bother. We’re just trying to teach current Director Geoff Park a lesson he’ll never forget.