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The Cronk of Higher Education ( is an online faux-magazine founded by editor-in-chief Leah Wescott in June 2009 to provide critical and satirical analysis of the current events and daily routines at colleges and universities.

Senior writers Brody Truce and Irma Pelt joined the CronkNews staff several months after its founding, and a host of freelance contributors, including unpaid intern Erica Price, have helped the site evolve from a simple daily newsletter to a multimedia presence.


In August 2010, the CronkNews staff explored new media by hosting its first podcast. In March 2011 the first \”Very Best of…\” book will be published and the senior writer staff will provide in-person speaking engagements.

What other people say…

Maybe the funniest Higher Ed blog EVER. Think: The Onion of #highered (Thanks for the laughs, @CronkNews!)

ATTN HigherEd: If you read The Chronicle, you also need to read @CronkNews. Its like The Onion, but funnier.

Amazing site: The Cronk of Higher Education, a parody higher ed news site. MUST READ.

If you haven’t discovered the Cronk of Higher Education it is fantastic.