Students shocked to learn that professors have visual capabilities in the classroom

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\”It\’s weird,\” admitted LSU junior Jason Rammaport this week when it was revealed that his teachers could see him in their classrooms. \”I honestly didn\’t know,\” he said. Many students shared Jason\’s shock this week when final grades were released and not all students received perfect scores for class participation.

\”When I emailed my teacher about why I\’d gotten a B, she said that it was because I slept through a lot of the lectures,\” said freshman Pam Rodgens from University of Arizona. \”I wish she\’d told me she could see me! It seems really unfair.\”

According to new reports, there are other behaviors professors have been able see with their own eyes, including text messaging, watching YouTube videos, whispering and even yawning. When asked about the possibility that these rumors of super-sensory abilities exist among faculty members, professors refused to comment.