Universities Sanctioned by NCAA for Replacing Racist Masots with Stupid Alternatives.

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After several years of warnings, the NCAA has taken action against colleges that replaced culturally insensitive college mascots with what have been deemed \”idiotic replacements\” by the impatient athletics organization.

The first institution slapped with a reprimand was Shippensburg University in rural PA, which made the decision to change its \”Red Raider\” mascot from an American Indian to a Schooner. \”Basically, they became the Shippensburg Ships,\” explained an NCAA spokeperson who asked to remain anonymous. \”\’The Ships\’ is just asinine. It completely neglects the strong tradition of aggression and violence that we\’re so proud of.\”

Representatives from Shippensburg expressed shock at the sanction, but were unsure what steps to take next. \”We tried to do the right thing by confronting a clearly racist image that had tarnished our college. We hope other schools realize how serious the NCAA is about its standards of integrity.\”

It was expected that Syracuse University would be the first school reprimanded by the NCAA, but they narrowly escaped. \”It\’s true that the new citrus mascot is dumb,\” said an insider. \”But since SU are still known as the Orange Men, they still have problems with political correctness to sort out.\”