National Coming Out Day Considers Including Closeted Michael Jackson Fans

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According to rumors circulated at the Human Rights Campaign, which is planning  National Coming Out Day on October 11, 2009, a group of Michael Jackson fan advocates would like to include MJ fans as a group invited to openly come out to the world.

“During these past two weeks, we have seen thousands – if not millions – of formerly-closeted fans come out of the closet on Facebook groups such as ‘RIP Michael Jackson,’” said fan advocate Rasheed Abram. “For each of those fans, we think there are thousands more – particularly college students who fear that their parents will cut off tuition money or disown them.”

“Actually, it’s the opposite,” said college senior Travis Willmorth. “My dad just pulled out his vinyl copy of ‘Thriller’ and tried to show me the moonwalk. I plan to apply for parental emancipation this year.”