State University System of New York Rewrites General Education Mission

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In response to a mandate by New York Governor David Paterson, the SUNY schools have completed a months-long process of rewriting their mission statement.

“Governor Paterson thought we should be the most progressive state system in the country,” said Chancellor Corby James of SUNY Yonkers. “We used lots of words like ‘integrity’ and ‘communication skills’ because we know that’s what employers and graduate schools want to hear.”

Reactions to the new mission statement have been generally positive. “I don’t know what the first statement said,” a student from SUNY Binghamton told the Cronk. “I didn’t actually know we had one, to be honest. Does this mean I’ll have to do more reading? If it does, I don’t like it.”

What steps will university leaders take to launch the new initiatives? “We need a break from all that right now,” cautioned Martha Potter, Vice Chancellor of Academic Progress at SUNY Oswego. “We spent a lot of months working tirelessly to write the mission document. I know my staff needs a break from the mission statement in order to get work done.”