Colleges Seek Accreditation for Sloppy Joe Eating Internship

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Taking a lesson from the LA Scholars Program, which is seeking to place students in work experiences related to the videogame industry, St. Pete State College has begun recruiting students for a host of innovative internships.

“The LA Scholars Program is attempting to tap into students’ current interests, and we think that’s a terrific idea, but we’re hoping to take it to the next level,” says coordinator of experiential learning Kara Braunson. “Take a look at our fall offerings!”

Proposed internships include:

* Eating Sloppy Joes and Cheez Whiz (Hospitality Dept.)

* Reality Show Marathon Watching, (Mass Media Dept.)

* Wearing Jeans So Long They Grow Funk (Biology Dept.)

“We’re still waiting to hear from Middle States about accreditation approval,” said Braunson. “We hope to win an award for student engagement.”