Courts Support University’s “It’s Not Official Unless It’s on Facebook” Stance

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The Texas Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit brought by a University of Midcentral Texas student this week. Senior Justin Haevner accused UMT of administrative errors that resulted in Haevner graduating one semester later than he intended.

Haevner explained in his deposition, “I changed my major from Mass Communication to Business Communication, and I got a letter right before commencement that said I hadn’t completed all my required classes. I had to stay an extra semester and pay full tuition because my advisors never told me about those extra courses.”

UMT officials argued that the University was still operating on Haevner’s original intent. “Our records were admittedly sloppy, but if you look on Justin\’s Facebook, it says he’s still a Mass Comm major.”

Judges advised other colleges to take heed of the new precedent. “Students and universities need to understand that Facebook is more powerful than anything else in the universe  – and, by the way, Mr. Haevner, you’re lucky we decided not to address those bong pictures.”