Topless Spring Break Coeds Receive Diplomatic Medals of Honor

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Beckee Miller and Genevieve Manners, sophomores from Fort Myers State College, were honored in a dramatic ceremony in Cancun, Mexico for their diplomatic activities last March. Following a year in which news reported heavily on North American economic crises and immigration controversies, Mexico and the United States sought everyday heroes to honor for their ability to build positive relations between the countries.

Miller and Manners were singled out in a video made by the son of Senator Madeline Bankes (Dem.NH) during his spring break. “Lots of students pulled up their shirts to show their boobs, but I could tell there was something special out these particular boobs,” said Senator Bankes, who presented the bi-national award. “Beckee and Genevieve drank tequila shots and domestic beer in the film, showing that they sincerely valued the cultures of the US and Mexico.”

The students celebrated by making out with each other in front of guys bearing cell phone cameras in their hotel lounge.