NY Times Sets Cutting-Edge Standard with Ballsy Tour Guide Story

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Should tour guides walk forwards or backwards? It\’s a complicated issue that has perplexed and enraged both educators and the public. Until now, no news company dared confront the issue, but in its August 18, 2009 article, “Colleges Seek to Remake the Campus Tour,” the New York Times cracked the case. We expect verbally violent town hall meets to take place soon to allow individuals to voice their passionate feedback.

Even if you have already chosen a side in the forward/backward debate, we recommend reading the article in case–during this time when budgets are so tight–you would like to spend thousands of dollars to hire tour consultants TargetX. They will come to your campus and give you valuable advice about the direction your guides should walk.

Coming Soon: Our article \”Anyone Can Be a Consultant.\”