Indiana University Introduces New H2Onor Code for Bobby Knight Induction

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As predicted, Indiana University\’s decision to induct Bobby Knight into its athletic hall of fame has brought mixed reactions and accusations of hypocrisy. IU has responded with an innovative creation: The H2Onor Code.

The H2Onor Code is a watered down version of our current code of conduct,” explained IU spokesman Chester Gorney. “We use bold font and italics in the places that say \’This code is only for students.\’ In other areas of our community code, we\’ve inserted an asterisk and noted \’*This code will be enforced for everyone except athletic coaches and celebrities.\’”

The public has responded with almost universal revulsion, but two vocal proponents have emerged.

This is just terrific!” said a jubilant Pete Rose. “I can see other applications for this code, as well.”

Finally!” yelled Rick Pitino in a press conference. “I\’m going to propose this addition to Louisville\’s Cardinal Creed – although, honestly, we\’ve practiced this unwritten law for years.”