College Radio DJ Reprimanded for Selling Out

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Steve “Sparkz” Primo, a disc jockey for college radio station WHHU at Herbertville University received three months of on-air probation for being caught with Beyonce’s latest CD I Am… Sasha Fierce.

I found the disc in his car,” said fellow DJ Keith Lizbran. “First he denied [the CD] was his and I believed him. Later, I checked his radio dial presets and found two Top 40 stations. I couldn’t keep that a secret from the station managers.”

Primo has not commented on his punishment, but other students claim to have seen improvement in his performance. “He’s been wearing black t-shirts everyday again,” said one source. “We were worried when he started wearing other colors, and we’re happy to see he’s one of us again. We don’t want to lose our creative edge.”