Students Still Think Creepy Professor Thompson Is Cool

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Despite years of colleagues’ eye rolling, Professor Graham Thompson still ranks among the most popular faculty members on campus. “Dr. Thompson is awesome,” says sophomore Timmy Gordon. “I’ve been at his house for a ‘wine tasting,’ and his ex-wife was totally hot. I heard she was his student once. Super hot!”

He always stays late for office hours, and he talks to me like I’m an adult,” explains freshman Courtney Henderson. “I’ve never had an authority figure make me feel so mature.”

While his student evaluations are the best on campus, not all undergraduates appreciate Dr. Thompson’s appeal. Each year, a small group of female students has tried to raise concerns about Dr. Thompson’s questionable socializing habits, but the accusations seem to make the professor even more popular.

Those stupid feminazis don’t appreciate a professor who is really accessible to us,” wrote an anonymous student on “He wears an earring and talks about the same TV shows we watch. Women his own age don’t get him.” The same student posted a chili pepper icon indicating he or she found Dr. Thompson sexy.

CronkNews staff tried to interview Dr. Thompson, but were told he was too busy having deep philosophical conversations with students at the campus pub.