Harry Potter Actress Joins Elite Ivy League Orientation Activities

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Emma Watson, the actress best known for portraying nerd witch Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter movie series, successfully completed freshman orientation at Brown

University in Providence, RI this fall. Ever since, rumors about the brainy actress\’s activities at the Ivy League school have swirled through the blogosphere.

We heard she played an M&M game where she had to take a handful of candy and answer questions about herself based on the colors she drew,” said one nosy Potter fan who camped outside the prestigious University\’s gates in a black robe.

My sources say that she had to take a wipe-size portion of toilet paper and tell something about herself for each square in her hand,” said a freshman male. “By the way, I think it\’s great that Emma chose such an elite school.”

Watson chose to forego British universities in order to take full advantage of the intellectual diversity offered by American colleges. In future years, she may have the opportunity to become part of the Orientation Welcoming Committee (OWC) that does things like spell the letters O-W-C with their bodies for spirited newsletter pictures.