College Student Fails in Attempt to Set World of Warcraft Record, but Inadvertently Wins Greasiest Hair Award

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Richie Michanel, a sophomore from Grover Cleveland Tech in Michigan, set out last week to set the American record for the number of consecutive hours spent playing the popular computer game World of Warcraft (WoW). While he fell asleep after forty-two hours of continuous play – well short of the record, Michanel didn’t realize his lifestyle of marathon training sessions and WoW gaming would land him the top honors in GhameTekk Corporation’s annual World’s Greasiest Hair Competition.

Michanel, a gaming strategy major, cried when he heard the news straight from GhameTekk CEO Woz Christin. “I can’t wait to tell my dad,” the student told CronkNews. “He’s never thought that my interest in computer games would amount to anything. Now, my picture is going to be on the cover of GhameTekk Weekly. My parents are going to finally understand that I’m not a loser. I’m somebody.”

Allegedly, Grover Cleveland Tech tried to solicit Proctor & Gamble, owners of Prell Shampoo, for corporate sponsorship, but the company declined. “Not our demographic,” said a P&G insider.