Friday Fun Poll: Which Celeb Would You Least Want at Your College?

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Emma Watson, the brainy class-act of Harry Potter noteriety, enrolled at Brown University this month, ending a year-long battle between Ivy League admissions departments.

Conversely, we asked college people from around the country whom they would avoid like H1N1, and we received these results:

Lindsay Lohan. Our department is already understaffed.\”
-Director of Counseling Services, MSU

Lady Gaga. She is a coed in more ways than we wish to accommodate.”
-Housing Operations Manager, IU

Tim Gunn. He\’s a little too empowering in his dean role at the Parsons School. He doesn\’t understand that students are no-good sneaky jerks out to make me look bad.”
-Dean of Students, ASU

Given the choice, which celebrity would you least desire at your university? Use the comment box to log your answer.