Parents Face Harsh Disappointment Realizing They Don’t Really Have 500 Friends

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As research shows that the demographics of Facebook users have changed from college students to their parents, the generational divide in modern social awareness has widened.

I signed up for Facebook so I could stalk my son,” said Mrs. Kratzer from Napa, CA. “When I realized how easy it was to make friends, I was overjoyed. I don’t have a lot of friends, so I clicked on all my son’s, and they accepted me – or so I thought.”

Mrs. Kratzer hasn’t received a single phone call or visit since she added over 500 friends to her Facebook, and other parents report the same occurrence.

I’ve been really lonely since my only daughter left for college,” said one mom from Louisiana. “I thought this would be an easy way to improve my social life.”

I’ve heard there’s a site called Friendster,” said Mrs. Kratzer. “Maybe that’s a better option for genuine relationships.”

When asked for a comment, Mrs. Kratzer’s son sighed and shook his head.