Department Doubles Number of Meetings. Can’t Figure Out Why Communication Is Still Poor

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Responding to its consistently low ratings in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s employee satisfaction reports, Cramer College took a bold step last year to improve morale. Departments doubled the number of staff meetings workers were expected to attend each week.

Employees told us in an anonymous survey that they feel communication was the number one weakness in the organization,” said human resources director Abigail Jobes. “We decided to make a commitment on behalf of all employees to give them twice as many opportunities to communicate. We’re stunned that the Chronicle didn’t rank us at the top of their employee satisfaction list.”

My supervisor is belligerent and averse to change,” said one employee in reaction to the news. “If I weren’t relying on the tuition benefit, I would have quit this year.”

I never thought of that,” said Jobes. “Maybe if the frustrated employees resign, that will help our numbers next year. We just haven’t given this double-meeting plan enough time to succeed.”