Individual Appointed to Oversee Systemic Change

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Phillmore College announced the creation of a new Associate Chancellor for Systemic Change position, to be filled by Dr. Juanita Jakobson.

There are lots of problems at the College that can only be solved through a comprehensive cultural change,” said Dr. Jakobson. The president is too busy to work on the systemic changes, so I’m going to have to do my part and write lots of reports about working together to build a team approach. You can expect to see my office light on late at night as I do my best work after most people leave campus.”

Prior to her appointment, Dr. Jakobson was known for her scholarship in the area of collaborative change management. She has written such articles as:

  • Getting Practical: Doing Collaborative Work without the Hassle of Meeting with Other People” for the Journal of College Leadership

  • Culture Change Fast: Using Posters and Brochures as a Quick Fix for Systemic Discord” for Corporate College Management magazine

Dr. Jakobson’s charge includes an immediate priority of composing catchy community-oriented sound bites the president can include in speeches and casual conversations to show a commitment to the communication of change.