Inspired by Tufts New Sex Rule, Colleges Add More Overprotective Policies

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Elated by Tufts University\’s announcement of a new policy forbidding students in college housing from having intercourse while a roommate is present, other institutions have followed suit by making rules that will protect the fragile millennial generation from having to deal with real-life conflicts.

Most recent policies include:

  • St. Libertine College has forbidden crunching potato chips too loudly while a roommate is trying to watch TV

  • Vermont College of Arts has a policy against studying after midnight with a light on
  • Penn State-Butler forbids asking a roommates\’ friends to leave in order to study

With each policy, we want to eliminate situations in which students might feel the tiniest bit uncomfortable,” explained Ramona Greyson, president of the American College Administrators Association. “Also, we really hate the arduous process of mediation and find that making rules is easier.”