Student Governments Gear Up for Another Awesome Year of Standing Up to the Administration with Tough Demands for Better Cafeteria Food

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Greg ran on an ambitious campaign of adding to the cafeteria menu.
Greg ran on an ambitious campaign platform of adding cilantro-free salsa to the cafeteria menu.

After rigorous campaigns and subsequent leadership training, college student government representatives are eager to kick of the academic year with hard-hitting agendas.

“We want better food options on our campus,” announced Roberta Wellingsly, the SGA president from Lake Tahoe University at the regional student leadership summit hosted by her campus.

“We promised our constituents we would fight for change,” said Oceanview University Student VP Chandler Buelle. “We won’t stop until there are more fajita stations and vegan pizza. Just like President Obama says, ‘Yes we can!’”

“This year, more young people than ever have become politically active,” added Wellingsly. “We have to show them that their activism isn’t in vain. The administration needs to understand that its decision to take away Quesadilla Tuesdays could have a critical impact on the next generation.”