Professor Dunkleman Trying a Little Too Hard to Be Cool

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The first day of class, he wore an Iron Maiden shirt, and I thought he was cool,” noted an anonymous student on psychology professor Gene Dunkleman\’s course evaluation. “Now, I think he\’s trying a little too hard.”

Maybe he\’s insecure about his publishing credentials as his tenure deadline approaches,” said a colleague. “I\’ve noticed this trend before, when instructors think they can earn service and teaching points by being cool.”

According to experts, symptoms of the Trying Too Hard virus include:

  • mentioning beer a little too often

  • starting sentences with, “That\’s nothing compared to the things I got away with in college.”
  • dropping the F-bomb in class, waiting for a dramatic pause, and winking
  • slipping commentary about modern pop culture or video games into unrelated conversations with students

We\’re not planning an intervention yet,” said the colleague, “but if he starts wearing a faux-halk the counseling center is prepared to step in.”