Administrators High-Five Each Other for Having Facebooks

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Administrators at universities across the United States are basking in their own hipness this year as thousands of new Facebook groups have emerged to represent their departments and events.

The freshmen really think we\’re cool,” said James Pollens, director of admissions for Angelica Community College in Utah. “We\’ve had over fifteen students join our \’Proud to be Angelica Angels\’ group this summer. Over four hundred of them started their own group called \’Partying Hell\’s Angels\’ since then, so we feel like we\’ve really helped start a trend instead of following one.”

We haven\’t had any new students join our \’We Don\’t Have to Drink to Have Fun\’ group yet,” admitted health counselor Amy Ghelf from Woodwright University, “but we do have about fifteen loyal administrators who joined.”

It\’s only a matter of time,” assures Amy\’s supervisor. “Students just love anything that\’s on a computer, so we\’re confident our healthy message will spread rapidly once the first few find us.”