Fashion Advice to Help Morehouse VP Adapt to Anti-Gay Dress Code

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Morehouse College in Atlanta has instituted a dress code banning attire that could be construed as unprofessional or gay-friendly. According to, Morehouse\’s VP for Student Services, Dr. William Bynum explained “the policy comes from the vision of the college\’s president, who wants the institution to create leaders like notable graduates… Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee.”

We hope Dr. Bynum will jump on the Jackson/Lee fashion train to set a good example for his undergrads.

First step: Add lots of purple velvet suits to your fall wardrobe. The rich vibrant colors make a clearly hetero statement, and the texture feels great on your rough manly hands. Add a crocheted beret, and you\’ve got that “I\’m a leader” vibe the Morehouse prez loves so much!

When you just want to chill, Dr. Bynum, try Spike\’s baggy-but-not-too-baggy jeans, topped with a baseball cap that says “I\’m not dissin\’, I just like my team.”

\"spikelee\" \"Samuel