New iPhone Apps for Student-Weary Tenured Professors: Calendar Protector

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Graduate students at the Galveston Institute of Technology (GIT) are close to completing a helpful new iPhone app for tenured professors who prefer not to interface with students. Projected for release next month:

Calendar Protector

Do you teach a subject that students want to learn more about during their extracurricular times? When a Resident Assistant asks you to give an evening presentation in the dorms, just check your iPhone calendar and enable this app. Immediately, any hour that isn\’t already commited on your calendar will be filled in with such fictitious appointments as “Take junior to the pediatrician” or “Anniversary dinner with significant other.”

What a bargain! You\’re getting two apps for one. You protect your precious time and inflict a guilt trip upon the hapless student who wants to infringe on your personal life.

Cost: $.99

Can you afford not to have this app?