Campus Police Chief Wins NAAPC Presidential Tolerance Award

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Ruth-Anne O\’Malley, chief of campus police at Thurgood Marshall University, received the 2009 Presidential Tolerance Award from the National Administrative Advocates of Political Correctness (NAAPC). The award honors an administrator who has proven loyalty and tolerance to a college president who is also a boob. In return, the president can take credit for having played a part in building “a community of tolerance.”

Ms. O\’Malley was a model of tolerance this year,” announced the president of the NAAPC, Reginald Fierson at the induction ceremony. “Her president, H. Quincy Anderson, set a new standard for being a boob this year.”

Among her accomplishments, O\’Malley was able to honor the president\’s requests to

  • Hide the arrests of five Thurgood Marshall students charged with drug trafficking, assault and sexual misconduct

  • Cover up an investigation O\’Malley conducted of own officers after allegations of racial profiling
  • Take the blame for the cover-up of her investigation in an article called “It Was All My Idea” after local media found out about the racial profiling

O\’Malley was unable to attend the ceremony held in her honor due to severe ulcers. President Anderson took credit for her accomplishments on her behalf.