Halloween Special: Supervisor’s Office Haunted by Ghost Sending Unpopular After-Hours Emails

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Grover College has a new resident – a spooky one. According to many staff members, a ghost has moved into the department of housing.

I’ve been getting emails from my supervisor Joanie’s account,” explained assistant director of housing Lorinda Shapiro. “They’re always about something unpopular, and they’re sent right after work hours end. My supervisor sees us all day long, and could give us supervisory feedback directly. The only thing I can think is that it’s a ghost. We’ve started to call it ‘Casper.’”

Our boss is so nice all day, then we get long messages at night delegating new assignments or reversing decisions we agreed upon during staff meetings,” agreed hall director Brad Charmson. “The next day, Joanie doesn’t even mention the email. She spends a lot of time talking about best practices, so we deduced that it must be a spirit sending those evening emails.”

Joanie did not respond to requests for an interview.