Student Services Department Does Everything It Can Think of Short of Change to Improve Student Satisfaction

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The student services staff at Rhodeson College has just completed its one-year campaign to improve its reputation with students, and the Board of Trustees is unsure how to proceed.

“Every year, we receive complaints about the grouchy and incompetent staff in student services,” said vice president of student services Reginald Trahl. “This year, we took a deep breath and did everything in our power to improve perceptions.”

“Our favorite visioning activity is moving all the pieces of our department around on a board,” said Trahl. “It’s dramatically different when something that used to be on the left ends up on the right.”

“We don’t know what else we could have done,” said administrative assistant Geraldine Kriner, who received a particularly negative assessment for her treatment of students. “We even offered a cash prize to the student who wrote the best essay about why student services rocks. We thought using the work ‘rocks’ would appeal to students, but no one entered the contest.”

When asked whether his staff had made any changes in their operations as part of the campaign, Trahl shook his head. “We wanted to stick with real, tangible change. Did I mention that we hired a new marketing director?”


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