Op-Ed: Did CA Raise Tuition to Divert Attention from Some Unpopular Decision?

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We don\’t know what they\’re hiding, but we have to acknowledge the brilliance of the University of California\’s Board of Regents for their amazing cover-up job.

Last Thursday, November 19, UC Regents announced a 32% increase in tuition, leading to spirited protests and subsequent arrests on multiple UC campuses. Students, faculty and staff have banded together to raise questions about diversity and fairness–falling right into the Regents\’ trap. But what is it they\’re hiding?

What is it that could be so unpopular that UC would go to such lengths to divert attention? Are they firing a popular administrator? Extending the contract of the current cafeteria vender? Inviting George W. Bush to speak at commencement?

While National Public Radio and the New York Times have provided significant coverage to the story, the Chronicle of Higher Education has been quieter (its lead story was about organic turkey farming when we went to press)–perhaps because it can smell a rat.

We\’ll figure you out soon enough, clever Regents. Whatever you\’re hiding must be a doozy.