Student Activists Outraged at Stalled Health Care Debate; Interferes with Important Celebrity News

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A student protest in Washington, DC, led by college activist group Students Making EnerGetic Meaningful Action (SMEGMA), attracted over 500 undergraduates from colleges around the nation yesterday. Students carried signs such as “Speed Up Health Care Reform!” and “Health Care Now!”

Congress is moving way too slowly, and we\’re sick of it,” said Cynthia Kors, president of the SUNY-Yonkers SMEGMA chapter. “Rihanna is on a promotional tour for her new album, and she\’s doing educational interviews about domestic violence in order to bring attention to this very important album. Unfortunately, the US Senate is stealing the limelight by hogging the media\’s attention with boring health care news.\”

I want to hear Andre Agassi\’s story about crystal meth, but nooo,” said another student. “They play this boring news instead of the kind of news we like to watch. Journalists have lost touch with their audiences, and we\’re going to quit paying attention to the news until they wise up.”

\”We thought they\’d learned their lesson when they showed too much war coverage a few years ago,\” concluded one protester. \”Any savvy business person will tell you war doesn\’t equal ratings.\”