College Gamers Reject Best Chance at Scoring with Real Woman

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Brandi Carlyn, a pretty coed from Cal State–Yorba Linda walked through the campus\’s CalCon 2009, the annual video game festival known for attracting over 400 geeky male college students from around the region.

At first we thought she had gotten lost and wandered in the building,” said P.J. Grimotte, the convention\’s hospitality coordinator. “Then she started playing our special promo version of God of War III like she knew what she was doing.”

We immediately had our security volunteers escort her out,” said Paul “Overlord” Raymond. “They looked so cool in their Matrix trench coats. Anyway, who does she think she is?”

She said she just wanted to play with some other gamers who could hold their own,” said Grimotte, “but we told her to go back to her own people. We don\’t need her kind.”

Don\’t miss next week\’s meeting of the CalCon 2010 planners. On the agenda: Ways to increase diversity at next year\’s convention.