Clemson and LSU Tigers React to Unexpected Spike in Web Searches

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Mascots from Clemson University and Louisiana State have received a record number of website hits this week, boosting their Tiger-ific holiday spirit.

It\’s been grrrreat to be so popular this week,” said LSU\’s Mike the Tiger. “People have been Googling me for days now. They even want to know about my personal life – not just the sports stuff.”

The most popular search terms on record this week included

  • Tiger

  • Tiger texts and videos
  • Tiger lovers
  • Tiger nude photos

I\’m nude all the time,” said Ezra the Tiger, from Wittenberg University. “Why is that interesting now? I\’m just a Division III mascot. I understand Big 10 mascots getting this kind of attention, but why me? Should I expect paparazzi outside my apartment? Now I know how Robert Pattinson feels.”