University Fires Director of Creative Studies for “Giving Students Ideas”

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Liam Crosates, director of Creative Studies at the University of the Atlantic, was dismissed Friday from his position. “Giving students ideas” was the reason cited for the termination.

He was just a bad role model, plain and simple,” said a fellow administrator. “His students were constantly coming to my office with questions about why certain rules existed, and my staff is overburdened as it is. We ended up making a rule prohibiting questions, which I would highly recommend to other offices.”

I\’m so relieved,” said another staff member. “Anytime we saw one of the Creative Studies majors coming, we\’d have to put up our \’Out to Lunch\’ sign and lock the office door. They thought they could walk in here and help us be more efficient. It created a culture of overempowerment and overcreativity.”

While many students have joined protests and candlelight vigils in support of Dr. Crosates, some students expressed happiness at the firing. “I never liked Dr. Crosates,” said one sophomore. “He never gave us clear instructions about exactly what we were supposed to be thinking. He wanted us to write opinion papers, but he never went over our opinions in class. I tried to find them in the textbook, but they weren\’t there either.”