To Combat Morale Problems, University Institutes Mandatory “Smile Fridays”

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smileCramer College continues to set trends in address the morale problems discovered in this year’s Chronicle of Higher Education employee satisfaction reports.

Last week, the College implemented a new program called Smile Fridays. “Some places have casual Fridays, that let staff dress down once a week,” explained human resources director Abigail Jobes. “At Cramer College, staff are required to smile all day. We’re convinced that forcing people to act happy will lead to friendlier, happier, more productive work places.”

Cramer College president Jonah Pucket fully supports the Smile Fridays campaign. “I’ve given human resources my full support to reprimand staff who do not comply. We can’t wait to see morale improve so staff will vote to put Cramer on the Chronicle’s list of best places to work next year.”

Over the past year, Cramer has earned a reputation for innovative personnel policies. “This fall, we doubled the number of staff meetings on campus in order to improve communication,” said Jobes. “Surveys show that staff communication has not improved at all, but we use that feedback to inspire us to be better. We haven’t asked the staff, but we’re sure Smile Fridays will fix our problems.”