Harvard Entrepreneur Pushes New Trend with Community College Fashion

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Billy Grainger, a third-year business student at Harvard, thinks he has the key to winning the famous Ivy League Biz-Off for aspiring entrepreneurs.

It seems the the market is saturated with sweatshirts from Princeton and Harvard. I see them everywhere, from high schools to state colleges,” said Grainger in the mock business plan he submitted to the Biz-Off judging panel. “I see an enormous untapped market for community college shirts. Not a single one of my friends owns one, but they\’re actually less expensive than the Ivy League apparel. I just don\’t think kids know about these amazing bargains.”

Judges will consider Grainger\’s plan, along with the entries from over 100 other competitors. This is Billy\’s third time in the contest. Last year, his idea “Let\’s Brand the Detroit Lions and LA Clippers as America\’s New Teams” failed to place in the top 99.