Dean Who Won Twittering Award Inexplicably Fired

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Theo McClellon, Dean of Students at Michigan Southern University, was terminated from his position this week, just a month after receiving Tech U Magazine\’s “Twitterer of the Year” award.

We were shocked,” said one of McClellon\’s staff member, who asked to remain anonymous. “We\’re all scared for our jobs now because we thought he was so wonderful. If you read all his tweets, you can see how active he is. I always wondered how he accomplished so much and still found time to log at least 250 tweets a day.”

Students were particularly shaken by the announcement. “I liked reading all his tweets,” said one student leader. “He took the time to write responses to anyone who mentioned him, and he loved to retweet a lot of our stuff. It seems like that\’s the kind of administrator you\’d want to keep around here.”

The guy was really trying to stay in touch with students in an innovative way,” said a Tech U writer. “He was particularly committed to tweeting during work hours, when they say it\’s tough to engage with students. It\’s a shame his campus is so anti-technology.”