Student Socialist Caught Wearing Deodorant

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Denim “Denny” Hudson, treasurer of the Students in Socialism (SiS) at Herbertville University, was caught this week wearing deodorant. SiS leaders will meet Friday to determine whether to remove Hudson from his position.

I noticed Denny was wearing extra patchouli oil recently, but it never occurred to me that he trying to cover up his Axe,” said one SiS member. “He totally sold out to the man.”

I made a bad judgment call,” said Hudson, a finance major. “I was insecure about the looks I got in class and my RA has talked to me more than once about my B.O. I let it make me weak.”

I’m glad we intervened when we did,” said the SiS secretary. “I heard he was thinking of cutting off his dreadlocks for a job interview. If he can’t make his life-dream of becoming a secret service agent come true without giving up who he is, he should get a different dream.”