New Tool Helps Administrators Get Personality

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By Juan Hues

Colleges are praising a newly developed personality test, the Creative Reasoning Assessment Program, introduced by startup Personally Perfect, Inc. The test was originally developed for Fortune 500 companies but has gained new ground in the college and university sector. Like previous personality inventories, the new test allows individuals to answer a series of meaningless questions and then assigns meaning to them. The results provide opportunities for administrators to determine the skills, abilities, and weaknesses of their staff members and make informed decisions regarding employee raises and retention.

University administrators have heaped accolades onto the program and believe that it will be a useful tool. Vicki Armstrong, Vice President of the College of the Epiphany, has instituted the program for all 100 staff members in the student affairs division and is already seeing the rewards. “It has been a wonderful tool for me to utilize. It gives me the opportunity to learn all about my staff without ever having to meet any of them. It truly is a game changer.”

Personally Perfect, Inc. hopes to deliver personalities to 300 campuses by July 2010.