Conference Hotel Employees Shocked at ACPA/NASPA Merger Halt

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The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) halted plans to merge with the Association of College Personnel Administrators (ACA) on Tuesday night. The long anticipated merger was shelved with the passage of a resolution that highlighted issues NASPA should further consider before progressing with the merger. While news of the halted unification shocked the student affairs community and traveled quickly through social media networks, no group was more surprised than the staff at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile.

“I never saw this coming,” bartender Angie Penn said. “I’ve spent the past few nights listening to people talk about how great this was going to be for the future of student affairs. I’m in shock.”

Room service was temporarily suspended while the kitchen staff was debriefed on the situation.

“I understand the perspective of those who submitted the resolution,” said Stephen Mitchum, sommelier. “It was a late play but an important one.”

NASPA representatives circulated *copies of the resolution via electronic media shortly after the end of the business meeting. Hotel employees were seen huddled around computers at the reception desk reading the document.

“You know, it’s hard not get invested in a group like this,” said concierge Charles Szcymanski. “We get to know them while they’re here and when they’re passionate about something, so are we.”

Szcymanski said that he spent time comforting several Marriott employees who were concerned that there would never be an opportunity to meet the ACPA counterparts they heard so much about this week.

“I reminded them that this is temporary. This isn’t the end of student affairs. We can move forward from here. We will move forward from here,” said Szcymanski.

* Link to Resolution (in Word format)