College Alters Structure to Eliminate Student Interference

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Cramer College continues to innovate in its effort to improve the low ratings it has received each year in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s employee satisfaction reports. Most recently, a consultant was brought in to get a better understanding of the motivations that drive excellent staff performance.

We learned quickly what was in the hearts and souls of the staff at Cramer,” said lead consultant Sidney Gleison. “Staff would prefer to work without interruptions from students. We believe morale would increase as much as 65% if Cramer could eliminate this annoyance.”

I could give 110% if I weren\’t interrupted so often,” said one staff member. “People don\’t realize how distracting student can be. I want to be productive, but if I have to keep stopping to help with their problems, how can I do a good job?”

We think we could be a model for other universities,” said Cramer human resources director Abigail Jobes. “We\’ve already redesigned six out of every seven jobs on campus to eliminate what we assume is a common problem across the country. If we work creatively, we hope to remove the entire issue of students interfering with staff jobs.”

Cramer College has posted two jobs at the 2010 American College Personnel Association\’s “Career Central” job fair. According to conference planners, the positions have already set a conference record for receiving the highest number of resumes.

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