March Madness Entitlement Protest

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by Irma Voigt
Senior Staff Writer

Students at Bokhart College in Maine are refusing to leave their residence halls for the school\’s spring break.

Director of Residence Life Lisa Griffiths said that residence staff was taken by surprise when they entered rooms to do closing inspections on Saturday afternoon.

\”We thought the first few rooms were a fluke with some stragglers who lost track of time or forgot to book their flights,\” said Griffiths.

More than 700 of the campus\’s 900 residents remained in their rooms according to a census taken by the residence life staff.

\”Spring break is really poorly timed,\” said Bokhart College junior Bradley Minnix. \”We\’re just getting into March Madness and they want us to leave? That\’s stupid.\”

Minnix is founder of a Facebook group that encourages residents to squat in their residence hall rooms during spring break in order to utilize the university\’s extensive cable lineup and high-speed Internet connection.

\”I have to be able to check on my brackets and stream games online,\” said sophomore Aaron Dykstra. \”My parents have DSL, but only the basic ESPN package.\”

Female residents complained that if the men were able to stay, they also should be allowed.

\”I canceled my flight to Cancun. What\’s the point of being all tan and stuff if all the guys are going to be watching basketball anyway?\” said Emma Tyner, a freshman who is devastated by the loss of her first spring break plans.

Tyner reported submitting a petition to the university\’s administration making a recommendation that spring break be moved in future years to after the completion of the NCAA men\’s basketball tournament.

\”I deserve spring break and I deserve the attention of boys during spring break. Even my new bikini from Victoria\’s Secret can\’t compete with the Big Dance,\” said Tyner.

Griffiths reported that her staff is making accommodations for students who refuse to leave by providing pizza during the significant games.

\”That\’s sort of what residence life is all about,\” Griffiths said. \”We\’re going to capitalize on existing community and claim credit for it in our annual report so we can get more funding next year.\”