Mexico Prepares for Influx of College Students Who Hate Each Other

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by Irma Voigt
Senior Staff Writer

Resorts throughout Mexico are preparing for an influx of college students who are not speaking to one another. With many spring break travel packages booked as early as January, students who make plans to travel with friends risk that by the time their flights depart, they may no longer be friends.

\”This happens annually,\” said Mercedes Aguilar, Events Coordinator of Las Mirenas Resort in Puebla, Mexico. \”They have to make decisions early about where they are going and who they are traveling with. Spring semester drama happens and, bam, the next thing they know they\’re here with people they hate.\”

Aguilar and her staff prepare for the situation through rigorous mediation training and increasing the amount of hard liquor available at the resort\’s swim-up bars.

\”Some people would say that providing alcohol is a bad decision and would make the situation worse. Through our independent research, we\’ve found that an extra shot of rum in every third drink makes people forget they hate each other and by the end of the night, they\’re crying and sometimes even making out,\” Aguilar said.

This year Las Mirenas Resort has also partnered with Herzog College in Michigan to provide community assistants who will travel with incompatible spring breakers for an additional fee.

\”You know, community assistants are really sheltered and don\’t get to partake in a lot of traditional spring break fun. This partnership at least gets them to a spring break destination and they feel useful by providing roommate conflict mediation during the trip,\” said Michele Gallegos, Assistant Director of Community Living at Herzog.

The community assistant add-on travel packages cover the cost of the community assistant\’s travel and lodging, including passport fees.