College Fair Draws 3000 Parents, No Prospective Students

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by Irma Voigt
Senior Staff Writer

A college fair held on the campus of Severeid University drew more than 100 colleges and universities hoping to put their marketing materials in the hands of prospective students.

But no students attended the fair, according to organizers.

\"I\'m just as surprised as anyone else,\" said Josie Bowers, Assistant Director of Admission at Severeid, who served as chair of the event. \"We sent letters directly to students and to high school guidance counselors. I have no idea how parents found out about this.\"

More than 3000 parents attended the fair and visited with admissions representatives. Many carried copies of their students\' resumes, while others used pre-printed stickers to save time filling out information request postcards.

\"Choosing a college can be very overwhelming,\" said Steven Creamens, whose daughter was among those not in attendance. \"I\'ve chosen her schools for her since pre-school and she\'s always been happy, ever since those days at Rising Starz Day Kindergarten Academy.\"

Admissions representatives were upset about the lack of contact with prospective students.

\"This was a huge waste of my time and resources,\" said Heather Bales, an admissions counselor from the University of Anniston in Alabama. \"I traveled here intending to do some serious recruiting, but every parent who stopped by my table refused to take information because it would be too far for their little darling to go away.\"