Higher Ed Guru Peter Magolda Creates Hollywood Hair Sensation

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After years of being known best as an elite professor at Miami University of Ohio and top expert in the field of qualitative research, Dr. Peter Magolda has achieved the highest level of mainstream popularity.

According to E!citement news reports, Magolda\’s presentation at the convention of the American College Personnel Association in Boston caught the eye of a surprise guest who wanted more than just an inspiring message about college student development.

“As soon as I saw the magnificent Peter Magolda, I was captivated by his retro-contemporary, hippy-jive hair,” said Chango Ming, owner of high-end Los Angeles salon Mingsations who traveled to Boston to follow up on Magolda-related rumors circulating in the beauty industry. “The rumors were true, and now my clients all want what I call \’The P\’Gold.\’ It\’s a little bit Stephen King and a million times fabulous.”

In the days since Magolda\’s historic ACPA presentation, the P\’Gold has been seen on red carpets from Paris to New York.


“Just this week, George Clooney and Zac Efron have asked for the P\’Gold,” said one exhausted stylist. “With all the awards ceremonies and premieres this season, I can\’t keep up!”

Hair icon Jose Eber, best known for his invention of Farrah Fawcett\’s iconic 70s coiffure, hopes for a special meeting with Magolda. “Like student affairs administrators, I marvel at Peter\’s accomplishments. I can\’t figure out how he kept himself a secret all these years. I know he\’s modest, but it\’s been a huge mistake for About Campus magazine to go to press without photos.”