Online Colleges Kick Off Recruitment for Inaugural Football Season

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Cyber-colleges, University of Falconer and Kapstone College, have begun recruitment for the first-ever online football league. Using an innovative scouting and training program, nine teams will join to form the NCAA\’s Big Tech organization. The group was inspired by the unique Collegiate Sprint Football League, which pits small for-profit colleges against Ivy League competitors.

The Big Tech failed to convince larger online institutions, University of Phoenix and DeVry University, to join, so the smaller for-profit schools have partnered with corporate competitors from McDonald\’s famous Hamburger University and the Google Campus.

We have chosen our team by watching players\’ YouTube videos, and we invited the successful applicants to a special invitation-only Facebook group,” explained University of Falconer\’s head coach Rick Neuheisel. “Training camp will be challenging since our players compete from all across the US, but we\’ve found creative ways to stay sharp. Camp includes eight-hour days playing Madden and nights watching films – maybe something like Remember the Titans or Brian\’s Song. I\’ll break them down until they cry, then build them back up.”

Neuheisel, fired by the University of Washington, was hired for his expertise in gambling. “We were hoping his ability to think outside of the traditional NCAA box was a strength,” said a Big Tech official.

Logistics for the online games have yet to be worked out.