University Bans Relevant Search Committees

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By Irma Pelt
Senior Staff Writer

After multiple failed searches during the past year, one university is taking a radical approach to the search committee. Laybourne University in Wyoming has eliminated relevant search committees, instead appointing committees of faculty and staff who have no vested interest in the vacant position.

\”It\’s progressive,\” said Emma Blake, Director of Human Resources. \”After so many failed searches, I wasn\’t convinced that a committee made up of stakeholders actually made sense.\”

Effective immediately, all Laybourne search committees will be made up of faculty and staff who know as little as possible about the posted position.

\”I was honored to be asked,\” said Marc Adelman, a dish washer in Langley dining center. \”I\’ve never been allowed to serve on a committee before.\”

Adelman was appointed to the committee tasked with selecting the new university provost.

\”I have no idea what a provost is or does, but some of those vitae things have been real impressive. They have a lot of pages – more than the manual for the power hose on my sink,\” said Adelman.

Representatives from Student Affairs at Laybourne were pleased with the change.

\”No one understood what most of our staff did anyway. This saves us the trouble of pretending to care about educating our search committees,\” said Dean of Students Frank Moyer.

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