Irma Pelt Reveals Herself

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I started writing for Cronk News in December 2009. It was on a whim after being recruited by Leah Wescott. I thought I would write one or two articles and then be done with the experience. I never could have predicted the popularity of my articles. The decision to reveal my identity was not an easy one, but necessary. Satire is only as funny as the person behind it. For all of you to really appreciate what I do and what I write, you need to know more about me. Below is the link to my curriculum vitae, set to music I composed, which outlines my experience and current roles in higher education, most recently as a music theory professor. This link will also give you some information about Leah Wescott and Brody Truce\’s identities. They have been collaborators with me on a regular basis outside of the Cronk newsroom, including in the recital hall.

Irma Pelt\’s Curriculum Vitae