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Our 15 MB of Fame

August 30, 2010

Senior writer Irma Pelt\’s story \”Interns Scramble to Justify Summer Bitchwork as Academic\” inspired a story in the Washington Post called \”Was Your Unpaid Intership Worth It?\”

August 2, 2010

CronkNews hosted its first podcast to kick off its self-proclaimed \”National College Opening Month.\” Senior writers Irma Pelt, Brody Truce and Leah Wescott shared thoughts on best practices in faculty and staff training, and fielded calls from higher ed pros with their own tips to share. Hilarity ensued.

June 11, 2010

Frank Muñoz wrote a review for the Association of College Unions International – Region 1 at \”…Delightfully reminiscent of The Onion, but with a higher education twist, The Cronk of Higher Education has us doubled‐over with laughter on a regular basis. This blog features timely, comedic interpretations of the latest developments in higher education. Witty and satirical, no one is safe from the incisive critique of students, staff, and faculty – some of whom are long overdue for a reality check…The Cronk brings some much‐needed levity to an industry that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously….\”

May 18, 2010

Senior staff writer Irma Pelt was the special guest on the \”State of Higher Ed\” podcast. Irma and host, Jeff Lail, discussed the general physical attractiveness of college professionals and also some superficial topics.

April 28, 2010

It\’s official. The Chronicle of Higher Education loves us, and adopted its favorite CronkNews articles for a three-month run in its weekly Brainstorm section.

April 26, 2010

University of Notre Dame blogger Chris Clark provided a favorable and entertaining review of the Cronk called \”Enjoying Strange Noises\” at NspireD2. It was the first time our editor\’s Irish relatives thought our site was worth a darn.

April 20, 2010

Lisa Rau of wrote a cerebral review of the Cronk, including the line \”…it\’s The Onion with a PhD in post-post-modernist struc­tural­ism in Beowulf. The movie…\”

April 15, 2010

CronkNews editor-in-chief Leah Wescott was the subject of an interview for the real Chronicle of Higher Education. Forever after, Tax Day will be remembered fondly for the CronkNews staff.

Later that night, Leah and fellow-writers Irma Pelt and Brody Truce appeared on the student affairs podcast for Topics included icebreakers from hell and CronkNews haters.

April 7, 2010

Leah was featured in an interview with Somehow she managed to slip \”funny, self-deprecating sadist\” into the conversation.

February 24, 2010

Our editor, Leah, joined the college student affairs world on the weekly podcast at Did she really bash higher ed in a cute way?

Give us more press! We\’re desperate attention seekers.