Despite Huge Financial Losses, Student Fundraiser Surpasses All Expectations

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by Irma Pelt
Senior Staff Writer


Several student organizations at Bottega College went all out to combine efforts this week to raise money for ongoing relief efforts in the wake of January\’s earthquake in Haiti.

Representatives from Education Without Borders, Students Offering Support, and Canadians at Bottega came together to plan the fundraiser. Pooling their financial resources from their organizational budgets, the groups planned a semi-formal evening that included a dinner followed by a dance hosted by a local radio station DJ. Tickets for the dinner were sold through dining services, though the dinner was catered by Bistro Italiano, and cost $3 per person. Entrance to the dance was a suggested donation of $2 per person. Students who attended received a commemorative Help for Haiti can koozie.

\”We put a lot of time and effort into this,\” said Quinn Rogers, treasurer of Canadians at Bottega. \”It\’s something we all care about a lot so we spared no expense in raising money.\”

After spending $700 on the evening\’s events, the groups brought in a total of $89.

\”Obviously running a deficit of $611 is not ideal for a fundraiser, but they met the learning outcomes we have for our student leaders so it\’s a victory. We can work on the fundraising piece next time,\” said Heidi Lamphier, Assistant Director of Registered Student Organizations at Bottega. \”As long as everyone is learning something, it\’s all good. Earning a profit at an event like this actually sounds distasteful when you think about it.”